What is included in a kwik kar Express Super Clean Wash?

With all of the modern technology today, there is no excuse to have a dirty car. Let’s be honest; there are a million places that you can go to get your car washed, but the truth is, there are so many people driving around today with filthy looking cars.

Having a clean car is not just for the aesthetics but also for health reasons as well. When driving excessively and not wiping the interior, you are subject to a whole host of health complications from the dust collected in the car. There is no quicker way to get sick than to allow the germs and other bacteria to form inside of your vehicle and inhale that poison every day. Children as especially susceptible to these germs and if gone unchecked can cause asthma and other health issues.

Luckily for you, we have just the place for you to go for a complete auto detailing Flower Mound TX. Kwik Kar is the best place to get your car in its best condition ever and have your ride looking like new on the inside and the outside. The company is a titan in the industry and is one of the leaders in its class. The companies FM 2499 location in Flower Mound TX has received awards for its Lube and Auto Repair Center for its fantastic service and its ability to bring the body of the vehicle back to their original condition. Also, the Flower Mound Road location has received an award for their incredible Car Wash and Detail center as well. After leaving their legendary team and center, you will agree that your car would have never looked so shiny. Kwik Kar Wash is a pillar in the Flower Mound community with unrivaled service and attentiveness from people you can trust.

Services offered include:

Soft Cloth Wash

Vacuum Interior

Clean Windows

Car Coaster Fragrance

Under Body Wash

Special Wheel Cleaning

Triple Polish

Rain-X Complete Protection

Hand Towel Dry

Hand Applied Tire Shine

Interior Dusting w/ Compressed Air

Clean Dash, Console and Doors

Condition Dash, Console and Door Panels

Clean Vents and Crevices

7 Day “Clean Car” Guarantee

The company has been owned and operated by a team of incredible personnel which has grown their business over the last couple decades, hoisting the company into one of the most beautiful and most professional establishments in the entire Flower Mound area. The Kwik Kar Wash & Detail Center of Flower Mound is host to the latest and greatest state of the art safe cloth technology, removing the use of sharp brushes and robust chemicals that are known to car scratches and damage to your car expensive paint finish.

With speed and convenience, whether it be a full-service wash, specific detail or even an express exterior wash, there is no better option than Kwik Kar Wash.

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