With the Kwik Kar Wash & Detail Center Loyalty Program members who enroll their vehicle receive a free wash on their 8th visit!

Here’s how it works:

Visit Us

If you visit us 8 times within 2 years, your 8th wash will be free. We will simply credit the price of whichever service was purchased the most. (up to a free $21 Business Class wash)

Want More?

Want a more expense wash or detail services? You can use the value of the free wash as a credit towards another service during that same visit.

As usual, each full service wash gets a 72-hour clean car guarantee – just bring your vehicle back within 72 hours of your last wash for a free exterior wash. And each first class wash and detail services gets a 7-day clean car guarantee – just bring your vehicle back within 7 days of your last wash for a free deluxe exterior wash.

You don’t have to do anything except register when you come in! Plus, include your email address and you’ll join the thousands of Kwik Kar Wash VIP members who receive additional monthly offers.

For sheer convenience, nothing beats an annual plan. Come in as often as you want without having to bother with payment. Also, be sure to ask about our exclusive second car discount!

* Not available for UBER, LYFT, Commercial and Hand Wash vehicles

Unlimited Annual
Coach Washes


Unlimited Annual
Business Washes


Unlimited Annual
First Class Washes