Is Rain X Worth It?

Rain X is a product that hates water. In fact, when applied on certain surfaces, it will cause the water to bead. When applied to car care, this property of It is a great tool for car owners.  Because of its formulation, it has uses in consumer, industrial, commercial, and even military settings.

Originally trademarked in 1972, it has endured several ownership changes. Owning companies include Quaker State, Royal Dutch Shell, Illinois tool Works, and Kraco enterprises. Ownership has changed, but the brand has survived.

Rain X offers several products. The most well-known is the glass treatment, the original product we use here at kwik Kar. This product, when applied to a windshield properly, helps drivers see. It is sold in a variety of sizes or as towelettes or wipes. One of the best things when using this on car windshields its water repellent properties. It improves visibility in rain, snow, and ice. This makes your vehicle safer. It is also unnecessary to apply the product “by hand”. You can just put a bottle of the glass treatment in the car wash bin once you have treated the windshield. Alternatively, Kwik Kar personnel can do this next time you have your car detailed/washed. Once applied, it usually lasts around three months. This time depends upon environmental conditions and the weather in which you drive.

Kwik Kar offers Rain X with the First Class Wash, Express Super Clean Wash or as an option on the Deluxe with Rain-X.

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