Is it Time to Take Your Car to the Mechanic? Answer these Five Questions to Find Out

We’ve all been there… a new noise appears, it begins to hesitate during acceleration, or it just doesn’t start up like it used to. It’s your car and it’s showing signs of wear and tear. So, what’s normal and can be ignored, and how do you determine if there’s a bigger problem that needs immediate attention?

There’s rarely space on the schedule that begs to be filled with time at the auto shop, so let us encourage you to take your car in before your originally scheduled drive-time on the road gets interrupted with unscheduled down time on the shoulder.

Although you have (or at least should have) regular intervals scheduled to bring your car in for preventative maintenance (tune-ups and oil changes), it is also recommended that you bring your car in — and not wait — if you answer “Yes” to any of the below questions:

  • Are you afraid your car won’t start? There are many components that have to work together to get your engine going. So, if you have to make several attempts to start your car, it could be the result of a weak battery or fuel pump, worn out parts in the ignition system, or faulty components in the electronic control unit (ECU). Catching and fixing smaller problems early on could help prevent bigger (and more expensive) issues later.
  • Do you have any warning lights illuminated on the dash? There are several warning lights on your dash that monitor a variety of things, including tire pressure, oil levels, your engine and emissions system, and one that indicates overall maintenance is required. If any of those warning lights are illuminated, it could indicate there may be a bigger problem that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Is your vehicle randomly stalling out? A car that stalls out periodically (or a lot) may have a variety of issues, including worn-out spark plugs or faulty electrodes and electronic sensing devices. It may be time to head to your mechanic for a diagnostic test that can identify the problem and get it fixed.
  • Could it be time for new brakes? Soft or noisy brakes indicate there’s some servicing that needs to done. This system has several components that all have a limited life cycle (brake fluid, rotors, and brake pads), all of which need to be maintained and/or replaced on a regular basis. If you can’t remember the last time you had your brake system inspected or parts replaced, it’s probably time to get that done.
  • Have you maintained your regular tune-ups? If your vehicle is running rough, there may be some parts starting to wear out and cause problems. Be sure to take your car in for a regular inspection of all your car’s interrelated components. Comprehensive preventative maintenance services will include things like replacing the sparkplugs and air filters, as well as a fuel injection service to remove dirt and deposits.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your vehicle, we encourage you to give us a call or stop by today. Your Kwik Kar Service Center is only a block or two away and we have all the answers, professional advice, and services you need to keep your car well-maintained and on the road.

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