Is drying your car by hand better for your car?

There are several reasons why drying your car by hand is better for your car.


Hand towel drying your car helps to preserve the beauty of your car. There are some places on the outside of your car that an automated car wash is not going to be able to reach. This means that these places are going to be more susceptible to damage on the paint or rusting prematurely. But if you are washing the car by hand, then all of the dirt will be removed from the inside and outside of the car.


It can help to make sure that your car is not going to prematurely rust. This is because you don’t have to worry about all of the different chemicals that the automated car washes can use. All of these chemicals can cause the car to rust a lot faster than it should. A hand towel dry is one of the best ways to make sure that none of the moisture is going to be left on the car. This moisture with the combination of the metals in your car can cause a lot of rusting.


It can help to protect the environment. This is because you are not going to be getting all of the chemicals that are used in the automated car wash released into the air when you leave the car wash. This can also be true of the runoff that can contain toxins getting inside of the surface water, soil, and groundwater.  If you have a big truck or van, it can take up to five gallons of water just to clean the truck at one of the automated car washes.


It can help to boost the fuel efficiency of your car. This is because a clean car is going to drive a lot better. But it is also going to help to save you some of the fuel that you will be using when you drive your car. In fact, there has been experiments done on cars to show that a clean car is going to increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

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