There are a lot of decisions to make when purchasing a vehicle. Deciding what you want (and what you want to pay) is just the beginning. Then, do you shop the dealership, the classifieds, or go online? Regardless of how or where you make the purchase, you’ll soon have another decision to make, which is where will you go to get your car serviced and have repairs done?

When purchasing from a dealership, you may feel like the only option for you is to have your repairs and maintenance completed at the same dealership. If your car is under warranty with that dealership who represents a specific manufacturer, that may be a great choice for you. However, you have other options with independent service centers and repair shops that could also fit the bill.

To help decide, consider your needs and expectations:

  • Do you prefer to have a personal relationship with the mechanic who is working on your vehicle, or are you satisfied with having your repairs done at the next available service bay?
  • Is your vehicle a brand new model, or do you prefer older models and classics that may be more temperamental?
  • Is it important to have the option of putting off non-critical repairs and getting only the necessary fixes and maintenance done at the most economical price possible? Or do you prefer to take care of everything the mechanic recommends, regardless of the cost?
  • While you are waiting for repairs on your vehicle, what are your expectations regarding the amenities available to you?

With dealerships, you typically interact with a service advisor and will likely never see the person who performs the work on your vehicle. The mechanics specialize in that dealerships latest makes and models, and have standard repairs and maintenance they are required to perform. Dealerships also tend to have more amenities in the waiting rooms, and some even have shuttle services. Many of these additional services are costly, which could attribute to a higher fee. For those with luxury cars who don’t mind paying a little extra for amenities and services, the dealership could be your best option.

However, if you prefer to have a long-term relationship with your mechanic and want the best prices for exactly what you need done on your car, then a local service center like Kwik Kar could be the right match for you. Here and at other similar places, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your mechanic, who knows their way around both the classics and newer vehicles. Also, many independent service centers will have the same equipment the dealerships have, and many people who run independent service centers were once specialists at the dealerships. Regardless of where you go, remember you have the right to shop around for prices when it comes to your car care needs.

We pride ourselves in offering the best service in town and being completely transparent with our customers about what they need, so if you have any questions at all about how we can help keep your car running for the best possible price versus your local dealership, come by Kwik Kar today. That’s a decision you will be glad you made.