As individuals, we have been wired to develop habits, routines, reflexes, and instincts so that we can perform consistent and regular tasks without giving it a second thought. This is a necessary function so that we can conserve energy and brain power.

However, when something happens (or needs to happen) that is not routine, it can sometimes be missed or overlooked.  When things get overlooked, they tend to keep getting overlooked until something happens that interrupts our routine – like tripping over our shoe laces, running out of shampoo while showering or finding ourselves on the side of the road with car issues.

For vehicle owners, one of the reasons you may find yourself on the side of the road with a problem could be the result of the most overlooked service for car owners – which is servicing your transmission. This oversight often occurs because the interval for changing the transmission fluid is so much longer than the interval for your vehicle’s regular oil change.

This coincides with manufacturers lengthening other maintenance intervals – like oil changes – to help lower car ownership costs. To make matters more confusing for owners, the recommended interval for maintenance varies drastically from one model and manufacturer to the next.

Generally speaking, the transmission fluid should be changed at least every 30,000 miles. Here at Kwik Kar, we base this recommendation on the condition of your vehicle’s fluids during your regular visits for oil changes, which is one of the reasons why timely maintenance and oil changes are so important. Your transmission is made with the vehicles overall longevity in mind, so it’s important to keep it maintained and in good working order or you’ll find yourself having to replace it just to keep your car running.

Additionally, there are also other services that can get overlooked when you don’t have a regular mechanic or service facility, like inspecting the engine belts, suspension system, the differential or transfer case, and spark plugs, as well as fluids like your coolant.

Most car owners are on a good schedule with getting the oil changed, but many times that’s where the consistent maintenance ends. Unless the car doesn’t start, begins to behave differently, or is making new thumps and squeaks, operators feel everything is running fine. However, waiting until there’s an actual problem could mean costly repairs that could have been prevented, or at least minimized with proper inspections and maintenance.

When you come in to Kwik Kar for your regular maintenance and inspections, we’ll let you know what needs to be done.  We take pride in caring for your vehicle because we want you back in the driver’s seat and on your regular routine again without having to give your vehicle’s maintenance a second thought.


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