Many of us were taught how to take care of our cars a certain way and we took our training as fact without really questioning why. As a result, there are behaviors people do every day that could be based on a myth, so we want to clear a few of those instances up for you.

It’s A Myth: During cold weather, cars need to be ‘warmed up’ before driving off.

This practice was true once upon a time when cars relied on carburetors to evenly distribute the gasoline with air before sending the mixture into the combustion chambers. However, with fuel injection, which is what all cars are manufactured with today, idling your car does little to warm the engine. In fact, doing so can actually strip away oils your engine needs. The best practice is to start your car, scrape the ice off if necessary, and then get going at an easy pace for the first few minutes before revving the engine up to higher speeds.

It’s A Myth: Higher-Grade/Premium fuel is always better for the car.

Unless your car is a premium sports car (with a hotter-running, high-compression engine), using premium gasoline does not offer any special benefits, nor will it improve your car’s performance or gas mileage.

It’s A MYTH: At highway speeds, the vehicle will conserve fuel when you turn off the air conditioner (AC) and lower the windows.

When the windows are down at higher speeds, the increased wind resistance can actually cause your vehicle to burn even more fuel than by keeping the windows up and running the AC.

It’s A MYTH: To make brakes last longer in a standard (manual shift) vehicle, just downshift the transmission to slow the car down instead of using the brakes.

When you avoid using the brakes (an easier, less expensive part to replace), all you will do is wear out the clutch faster, which is a more difficult and costly repair.

It’s A MYTH: Newer cars can go a lot longer without changing the oil, so just follow the maximum recommended oil change interval listed in the vehicle’s manual.

If you find yourself with a question, or doing something you’ve been taught to do without really knowing why, come in and ask. Here at Kwik Kar, we want you to stay informed about your vehicle’s car-care needs, and we are here to help by providing you with the best service in town – and that’s a fact!