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Automotive Tune-Up Service

Automotive Tune-Up Service

If your vehicle seems to be losing power, your gas mileage is decreasing, it sounds like your engine is running rough, your car occasionally stalls at a stop light, or you’re hearing knocking sounds when accelerating, it could be time for a tune-up. Even if you notice none of these symptoms, if your “check engine” or similar light comes on and stays on after you first start your car, it’s time to let a technician take a look.

Because your car’s engine consists of many interrelated components, worn-out parts can cause big problems. Simple problems such as dirty filters, corroded spark plugs, or clogged fuel injectors can dramatically reduce the performance of your car’s engine. Staying ahead of these problems with regular checks and tune-ups can help to keep your car running smoothly, and can improve your fuel economy, reduce emissions, restore lost power, and ensure easy starts.

The technicians at Kwik Kar Flower Mound have the training and skills to work on all types of engines. Our tune-up services include replacement of spark plugs as well as a comprehensive fuel injection service to remove dirt and deposits from your fuel injectors and intake system. We can even tackle any necessary repairs to your fuel system, helping to keep your vehicle running reliably and efficiently.


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